Founded and established in 2019

Qatros Technology Nusantara is a tightly knit team experts which offers technology services and solutions. We handle consultation, development, and the strategic approach.

As we continue to grow as a leading tech company in Yogyakarta, we declared ourselves as a mostreticator that brings innovation of technology from dorp to level up everyone's small-medium business needs.

We work underour proudest culture "Technology From Ndeso People" as we committed to supply high quality technology products and services for you. This journey builds on our ever-present dedication to creating seamless experience for users and providing them with our technology services.

We believe that with continuous technological innovations that Qatros offers, there is always a way to solve everyone's problem of their needs. It's not about where we live or where we came from, it’s all about commitment to lifelong learning, professional ethic, and dedication of work.


Qatros has a vision to be a world class quality tech company based from a rural region which supplies professional services.


Qatros armed by experienced technicians and engineers who would bring solutions to the table for misc. tech and digital needs with market compass (forecast based analysis), latest tech instruments, and professional work ethic.

Some of the people
you’ll be working with

Lutvi Rosyadi


Ibnu Fajar Yunardi


Ibnu Fajar Yunardi